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About Us

About Vipers Volleyball Club

Vipers Volleyball Club Inc. is an indoor & outdoor travel Volleyball Club directly affiliated with Vipers Sports Academy & Vipers Baseball Club, we are made up of professional experienced coaches and local players. Our coaching and mentoring organization assists Volleyball players with their transitions into High School, College, and Professional Volleyball. Director & owner Coach Katie Feldkamp Siciliano in order to create opportunities for athletes in the sport of volleyball in order to gain experience and increase skill. She is pro-active in supporting grade school and high school sports and has a huge desire to assist in the development of athletes so that they might contribute at a higher level as players and leaders. It is her mission to provide a fun and quality experience through the sport of volleyball that will encourage as well as challenge young women spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically.‚Äč
Vipers Inc. is currently working hand in hand with College Profiles International. If you are a high school student athlete and have considered playing collegiate level sports, please contact us today for more information! Let us inform & educate you on what it takes to become a collegiate athlete! Visit our website today for more information.


"Success Trains Failure Complains"
1) Set goals for each individual player for athletics and life. Teach each player hard work, practice, studying for school and to become a better person as well as a better athlete.
2) Teach every player how to believe in themselves and how to create the better self-image that you need to succeed.
3) How to act like a professional both on and off the court.
4) Every player needs to learn the importance of education and the goal of a college degree.
5) Learn to win as a team and lose as a team. The real world wants team players not individual players. A team is the best place to learn how to become a team player.
6) Our baseball & volleyball organization will search to play the best teams in the USA which will include playing in National Tournaments.
7) Each player will learn to become a better player and person.
8) We want every player who wants to play college athletics to achieve their goal. If players prove commitment and hard work to us, we will prove to you how you can achieve a college scholarship and we will never really know which player in our organization will make it to the professional level.
9) If a player is looking to play every minute of every game, this is not the organization for you. If you want to become a better player and person, play the best teams in the USA, create a better self-image, believe in yourself, act like a professional on and off the court, play high school and college athletics, understand the importance of a college education and learn how to achieve your goals through hard work and commitment, then you are a member and player of the right organization, VIPERS VOLLEYBALL CLUB!


What our Vipers Family has been saying..
"Vipers Volleyball and Coach Katie has steadily worked wonders with my daughter, giving her proper fundamentals. The progress has been AMAZING. Good communication, professional, prepared."
- 11/12/13
"Coach Katie has done amazing work with my 3 children. She is the best of the best!!! Our first tournament is this weekend and we couldn't have done it without Katie." - 6/27/14