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Are you out of town or wrapping up your summer traveling months? The tryout date has come quickly and has approached us very soon this year! Contact me today to come tryout on a different date! If you are interested in fighting for a position this year on one of our Elite or intermediate teams, call, text or email us to register early for our tryout! Phone: 5134973465, or email us today at


-Coach Katie

A Letter from Katie Siciliano (Director)

I want to take a minute to personally welcome you to Vipers Volleyball Club travel season! As most of you know this is our 8th indoor season at Vipers Volleyball Club. We are officially launching our Vipers Sports Academy & we are welcoming in 50 new players & families this year!
I am very excited about this upcoming season & am looking forward to a lot of hard work & commitment from my entire staff, players & families to make this season one to remember!
This travel season, for some of you, will be a great transition into the travel volleyball world! For others, you will have committed to Vipers from a previous club and have truly embraced the moral and philosophy of what we are trying to create as a club. We brand ourselves on family, friends, commitment and hard work and will always be here to help develop our players to the utmost of their

We will have our Elite, Intermediate & Developmental teams. All players will fight for positions & commitments on our top teams. Our Elite squads will be doing traveling and competing at tournaments outside of south Florida, our intermediate teams will be competing in south Florida with limited travel, and all of our developmental teams will be doing scrimmages & smaller South Florida tournaments! 
My philosophy & expectations are easy as your director, head trainer & head coach. I expect you to give and work 100% on the court, off the court & to ALWAYS carry a positive & great attitude all of the time! As part of your commitment to Vipers, you will be expected to hold yourself at the highest moral and be a leader to your friends, family & in the public eye. Yes, sure, this is a big shoe to fill but I believe that each of you young woman and men will grow into our communities and hold the highest level of leadership after competing and managing an athletic & educational career. I expect everyone to come to practice ready to work, putting aside all other distractions such as school, friends, etc. Continue to ALWAYS have an open mind to learning new ways and changing old habits. Some of the best professional athletes, I have ever met have always been open to growing and changing parts of their game. They seem to never be satisfied; they eat, sleep and breathe the game & no matter what the obstacle is they are always willing to take the challenge! 
Myself and my coaching staff are excited to compete this year & develop our brand & name.  Each of you that have made a team will have shown us a quality of athleticism, hard work and coach-ability that we know will lead us to a winning season! We look forward to getting to know your families as well & we believe that together we will make a great team! We will always believe in you 100% and we are willing to take you as far as your dreams can reach! I expect nothing less than always being positive, being open as players, and working hard to improve your game. If you do those things I promise, as your director you will accomplish your goals & dreams and you will progress as players and young athletes!
Our first goal is for you to go back into our high school or grade school season & make your team; the next goal is to compete at a collegiate level. Focus on the short term goals to achieve our long term goals! I will continue to teach each of you how to coach yourselves, how to be aware of what your habits are & how to consistently focus on them at every practice!
If each member of our Vipers Volleyball Season (coaches, parents & players), comes in with the idea to work 100% and carry a great attitude, this season will take off! If you believe in our philosophy and believe in us as a club and your players coaches, please take the time to come tryout and give us just as equal of a shot than the other competing clubs in the area! We promise to impress you & your families and always take care of your athletes to the utmost of our abilities! 
Here is to a great Indoor volleyball winning season!
Katie Siciliano